Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blast Off for Cooper's 4th Birthday {An Outer Space Party}

Slowly but surely I am trying to catch up on old posts...and I figure since I only have a few more weeks before Cooper's 5th birthday (Yikes, I better get planning!) I better get a move on posting his 4th birthday party, themed, Cooper's birthday blast.

Here was the set-up in the dining room, which was home to the desserts and party favors.

This was Cooper's favorite part...the planets, made from paper lanterns, bought on Amazon for super cheap.  I first tried hanging them from the ceiling in the dining room, orbiting the chandelier, but they kept falling down so eventually, they made their way here. I like them better here anyway. They were hanging from cute orange and blue polka-dotted ribbons of varying lengths. and topped with little party themed circles. BTW- in our house, Pluto IS a planet. 

I wish I could take credit for the cake, but I don't bake cakes. Why bother when I can go to Metro Market, bring in the invitation that I designed and custom order it with polka dots, stars and all and end up with this: 

Dessert table: Black Hole Brownies, Celestial Cupakes and Cosmic Cookies

Moon Pies and Deep Space Donuts.

Party favors. Inside were bubbles, marbelized superballs, gumballs (planets) and butterscotch candies (flying saucers).

Jupiter Jello

The food table

Cooper and his BFF.

Pinata. I bought a pre-made rocket pinata and added colors and embellishments for my party theme.

Happy Birthday Sweet Cooper. Make a wish.

What was your latest party theme? If you've discovered Pinterest, then you know there are lots of ideas out there that are yours for the taking.


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