Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Giant Measuring stick {DIY projects for kids}

I decided quite awhile ago that I wanted to make one of these. What is it you ask? Well remember when you were a kids and your dad stood you up against the door frame, drew a line above your head and marked the date? Maybe all those cute little markings are still in your childhood home? Memories. Love it. But what happens when you move? What if you could take that doorframe with you? Or what if instead, you had this cool, giant sized ruler to mark your own kids' heights as they grow? That way, if you ever move, those memories come with you. Well, I don't plan to ever move again but I just happen to think they look really cool. And I have the perfect spot in my house for this.

So...I thought about making one and then I got lazy and thought about buying one and then I looked on etsy and they are selling for like $75. Are you kidding me?  Its a piece of wood. I can buy that at home depot for $7! So I did. I bought a piece of 1" x 6 " x 6 ' pine at home depot.
 And I stained it, using some Miniwax stain in dark walnut that I already had in my basement from my coffee table project.

After it dried cured for about a week in the garage, I measured out the lines with a tape measure, because I couldn't find my yard stick. I definitely recommend a yard stick for this project because the tape measure slid around a lot and made it difficult to get perfect measurements. Ah. Who needs perfect measurements anyway.

I decided it would look way cooler and more authentic if the lines and numbers were actually engraved in the wood and not just painted on, so I consulted one of the smartest guys I know, the head custodian at my school. He recommended the perfect tool, AND he let me borrow his. This dremel.

I tried it out and I loved it. Now I want one. I am not sure what else I would use it for but I secretly love tools. Shhh. Don't tell my husband. I still like when he drills holes for me. But anyway, I want one.

So I used the dremel to "carve" out the lines, and the numbers. Definitely far from perfect. I am getting MUCH better at just living with imperfection. 

I had originally planned on painting the lines and the numbers, but when I went to search for a paintbrush, I happened to notice a sharpie laying on the countertop and I thought, "Hmmm. That would be much easier." I also figured if it didn't work or if it looked all janky, I could certainly paint over it, no biggie. But sure enough. The sharpie did the trick. 

I LOOOOve it. It has its blemishes....but that makes it even more authentic, right? That's what I tell myself anyway.

I was going to hang it in our hallway near the dining room where it could be seen more often, but than the hubs had the brilliant idea to hang it right between the doors to the kids bedrooms. Why didn't I think of that?

And here is is in all its glory....ready for its first markings....I can't believe how tall my kiddos are already. Wish I had made this right when we moved in.

This is the view from my bedroom into the kids' rooms. I'm so happy. It makes me smile.
Have you DIYed anything that makes you smile lately?


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