Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Master Bedroom Progress

So its been a loooooong time since I've posted and its not because I am a slacker. Really, I'm not. I mean I wish my days had more than 24 hours and I could fit it all in, but I just can't. And I am not a slacker. I swaer. Since I last posted I have photographed and edited four weddings and at least a dozen family photo sessions, completed countless home improvement and diy projects, organized four closets and completely revamped my photography blog and website. Oh and did I mention that I also work full time as a teacher AND I had a baby this summer?! So much has changed in our lives and in our house since we've moved in... So...get posting already, right??

Okay okay, but just let me preface the following post with this....I have a problem. The perfectionist in me takes over and I don't want to share what I've done or post before and after pictures of ANYTHING until the room is completely finished.  However, I am finally beginning to realize that one is NEVER completely finished with their home. There is always something that needs to be done. And many times what needs to be done can break the bank! For example-- the new windows that we are getting in a few weeks!! --MUCHO DINERO, but I can't WAIT!!-- and that makes me feel SO old. Seriously. I will be like a kid on Christmas morning on the day we get these windows. Is that weird?  But as I was saying, there is always something one can change to make a house more of a home. I don't ever plan to be done.  I want to always find ways to fill my home with things that have meaning for us and empty out the things that don't.  I'm learning that it's more about the journey....SO, the perfectionist in me needs to say the following pictures will show improvement....but we've got a long way to go. And I do have a vision. Maybe you can see it too?

Let's start with the master bedroom today.

So here was our master bedroom when we bought the house:

And here it was right after we moved in:

Pathetic, huh?

Ay yay yay. That's what I say to my students when something just isn't right. And this ain't right. Do you see that mirror leaning in the corner? That's one of those cheapo target mirrors that I got back in college. I think I painted that design around the frame to "spiff" it up about 10 years ago. I think its about time we get a nice full length mirror, don't you? And yikes, doesn't that dresser look a little small for that space? I do love that dresser. I got it at a consignment shop called Legacies Limited about 8 or 9 years ago. I painted it white, back when I used oil (SO not necessary anymore) and added the knobs which I bought from this awesome artist.  So I moved this dresser to Lucia's room (now both girls' room) and I put the dresser that I originally had in the dining room here.

Better, right? But still not done. I plan to hang the mirror, mount the TV (which involves cutting holes in the wall to hide the cords or it would be done already!), find a way to conceal the cable box and DVR and hang some art. Better, but not done. Will let you know when this wall is El Finito.

So next we have this view. Found a rug and some lamps from Marshall's and some pillows to add some more color and texture to the space. The pillows are from Target and the Foundary and the pillow shams are from West Elm.

Next I added these curtains from Target. I had to order them online to get the length I needed since they don't sell the 96" length in the store. I still need to put up new curtain rods. These were cheap ones that were left by the previous owners. I have some nicer ones but I don't want to hang them until after I paint this room. Haven't decided on a color yet. Probably something beigey or creamy gold. Hmm. Actually neither of those sound good right now...so now you know half the reason why I haven't painted this room yet. The other half is I haven't found the time. Anyway. Rods. Plan to hang them after I paint. Will also hang some bamboo shades for some more texture.

Let's talk about that big girl mirror that you see here. LOVE her. This is one serious solid wood leaning wall mirror. Nothing like that little baby you saw in the other corner when we first moved in. And would you believe she was only $119??!! I am not kidding. I searched for SO long for a big beautiful floor mirror and I couldn't find anything less than $800 except for this baby. She is from IKEA and boy was it an experience to get her. Since we don't have and IKEA in Milwaukee (One of the only reasons you'll hear me say "BOO, Milwaukee!") I asked my mom to pick this up for us at the IKEA in Minneapolis. She gave it a good ol' college try and couldn't fit it in her car. For some reason, I didn't understand why...until the hubs and I made the trip down to the IKEA in Chicago with our JEEP commander and this baby barely fit and I mean BARE.LY. Hubby drove with the steering wheel up in his chest. But we got her home and I HEART her. Hmm. Just realized this picture isn't very recent because this is still a queen bed here...and last February my dream of slumbering in a king bed came true. Every night in a king bed. Dream. Come. True. Note to self. Photograph king bed.

Finally, here is a quick shot of some DIY art I created. Maps of Wisconsin, Mexico and Italy (Where we met, where we married and where we honeymooned) cut out in hearts and mounted on scrapbook paper). I like how they turned out but I am thinking of moving them somewhere else in the room. I'll let you guess where.

Has anyone else made some cool DIY art lately? Or driven over a hundred miles with the steering wheel in their ribs to get a big girl mirror?


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