Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucia's Room Updates {Girl's Bedroom Makeover}

So, some things have definitely changed since we first moved in and completed our very first home makeover in Lucia's room.   Let's take a look back and see the before and after from back in January 2011.

The first big update was the new girly girl chandelier that I added shortly after the makeover. I love the ceiling medallion, which cost nothing because we brought it from our first house after the tenant switched out a light fixture and gave it back to us. The chandelier I got for $60.44 on Overstock with free shipping. I added the little pink shades, which I think I also scored on Overstock.

Then early last fall when Lucia started jumping out of her crib, we had to act fast and get her into a "big girl bed." I actually inherited this beautiful twin bed, a family heirloom which belonged to my step-dad's grandmother. I have been waiting for the day when I my sweet little ladybug could use it. So, while the little jumping bean was giving us a run for our money, I was one part frustrated mommy, one part thrilled decorator.  When I first inherited this beauty, it was painted a white-washed green color. I painted it with a high gloss white oil paint to get this shabby chic yet sleek look.

I heart this "big girl" room!

While I am quite happy with this room now and my little ladybug is too, there are still some minor changes that I need to make (painting the vent to match the wall so it doesn't stick out like a soar thumb, and ORBing the hardware on the doors and windows) AND some major ones too. Most importantly we need to rearrange to make room for baby #3, who we learned back in February is another girl! We're all dying to meet her and Lucia is very excited to share her room with her new baby sister.  I have also been dreaming of painting a white tree in here, because I SO miss the beautiful tree I painted in the nursery at the old house with help from a dear friend. I am thinking it will go on the wall to the right of the closet. However, I am quite certain the very next step is going to have to be organizing the closet to make room for all the teeny tiny clothes and other baby stuff our new little peanut will need.

My inspiration for this project comes from here and here and here. I am LOVING the ribbon chandelier, the curtain in place of a door and the painted and stenciled walls from my favorite blog, Young House Love!

Here's how crazy and unorganized the closet looks now:

STAY TUNED while I organize and hopefully DIY this into a beautiful little space.


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