Thursday, December 12, 2013

A DIY Advent Calendar {DIY projects}

The kids have been asking me lately for an advent calendar. Of course they don't know that's what its called. I think the conversations have gone a little something like this:
"Mommy, can we get one of those things with the numbers on it with the candy inside?"
"What things with the numbers on it with the candy inside?"
"Those things with the numbers with the candy inside!"
"Honey, I don't know what you mean."
"Yes you do."
"No, I don't. Could you explain it another way?"
"Mommy, its kinda like a calendar, except it has doors and secret candies that you eat everyday."
"Oh, you mean an advent calendar?"
"Yes, I told you. Its one of those things with the numbers with the candy inside."
"An advent calendar"
Yes, an advent calendar."

So rather than buy one, I decided it would be fun to make one.
I bought the supplies for about $4 at Michaels. $1 each for the packets of stickers in the dollar bin and $2 for the pack of red envelopes. I contemplated buying some fun fancy stick on numbers, but I really didn't want to spend much so I decided against that. I already had the gold sharpie. I am kinda diggin' glittery and gold these days. So the sharpie fills that need with this project. :)

Anyway...when it was time to get started, Lucia helped me line up the red envelopes in 5 rows of 5. Then we worked together on sticking a sticker on each envelope. Pretty simple. Next I added the numbers with my gold sharpie.

When we were done with the stickers and numbers, we used mini clothespins to hang them from twine inside this frame, leftover from Cecilia's party and then it found a temporary home on the desk in our living room. 

I like it here. And it makes me smile. Did I mention that there is "candy inside those number things?" Yes siree. York peppermint patties. Mmmmm.

This was such a simple DIY project. It only took about 30 minutes and was such a fun way to spend some free time with my 4 year old. It kept her out of trouble for 30 minutes too. So thats two birds with one stone.

Oh. And that very same day, our elf, Plainty, found a temporary home too. Right inside the letter O on our Christmas mantle. Lucia got quite the kick out of that spot.


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